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60 years of Textile History

Most modern Terry Towel unit  of Pakistan

Backed up with 6 state-of-the-art Spinning units

Self-Sufficient in Energy Needs




With the aim of diversification and value addition, especially after the lifting of the “WTO-Quota Regime”, we installed a terry towel factory that has been running successfully since April 2005 producing around 18000 tons annually.


We produce bath towels, hand towels and washcloths made of 100% cotton. The towel weight varies between 300 gsm and 900 gsm. The program will soon be extended to include bath robes as well. The yarns used in our weaving mill are mainly Pakistani. However, yarn used in our Egyptian Giza towels comes from the group spinning mills. The yarn count ranges for the ring-spun yarns are Ne 10/1 to Ne 20/2. OE yarns are also used in some qualities. In the future we have plans to expand vertically and put up a yarn spinning mill.


Terry Air-Jet Weaving Machines

We have 120 DORNIER air-jet terry weaving machines, types Easy- Terry and Servo Terry. 48 looms have been in production since 2005 and the remaining 72 were commissioned in September 2007. “We chose DORNIER air- jet weaving machines because of their reliability with regard to quality and flexibility and we are very satisfied with the performance” said Irfan Ahmed, trained in the USA and the CE Indus Home.
Daily production currently runs at 64,000 kg which means each DORNIER machine produces 580 kg per day. All the machines can run with up to 6 filling colors and are fitted with dobby machines with up to 20 shafts. The average speed for a nominal width of 300 cm is at 600 rpm, the Servo Terry runs at 625 rpm which corresponds to a realistic filling insertion rate of 1,840 m/min. Mr. Aamir Hussain Toor, General Manager of Indus Home Limited and a textile engineer with many years of weaving mill experience, says that other arguments for DORNIER machines are the high speed and the modern Software.
A two prong strategy was used to design the dyeing section. After a detailed survey, we selected some machines for short and other for long runs. Thies dyeing machines from Germany combined with Anglada tumbler dryer from Spain cater to customers with smaller quantity. While continuous dye ranges from Morrison along with Loop dryer from USA satisfy the bigger quantity orders for large retailers and institutional customers. Finishing machines, attached with Mahlo weft straighter, eliminate any distortion in the towel before it goes on to the final dryer. We process both Vat and Fiber Reactive dyes as per customer’s demand and our capacity is 75 tons per day. At various stages, quality control measures are deployed and audits are conducted to ensure adherence to pre-defined standards. Each lot of towels is checked and after verification it is sent to the Fabrication.
We are the first one in Pakistan to select Barudan automatic hemming machines and take pride in their performance. These machines are focused on producing good quality towel efficiently and consistently. Juki manual hemming machines and Pegasus over edge machines are also installed. All these machines can easily produce 75 tons of towels per day.
Our fabrication hall is temperature controlled and it is equipped with Luwa air handling unit from Switzerland. One of the most imported aspects in fabrication is pleasant environment and we have taken all possible measures to achieve it. Product flow has been designed to minimize material handling. Stitching, sorting, quality control, folding and packing is all done in one line. Each line has a manager assigned to it who is responsible for his unit’s efficiency, quality and production.